Originally from Brittany (West of France) where I had completed a Master’s degree in History/Classics, I lived in the United Kingdom for 3 years. There, I started to develop my interest in blogging about music and emergent bands but also in organising events in the culture and education sectors which gave me the opportunity to meet great people.

However, the adventure of my life was about to begin on the cold Winter 2015 in Fulham while I shared a morning coffee with a friend.
Six months later, I moved to New Zealand where I have since found myself at home in Wellington. As a migrant, life can be quite challenging sometimes, but being passionate and stubborn may help a little bit?! Now further developing my career in Events management, I use my spare time to write about my love for my new country and the amazing people that I encounter every day.

After a quiet year due to life commitments, 2018 will see Les Papillons Derrière La Lune joining the girls’ team of Les Insouciantes, a brand new French magazine created by bunch of creative women.

Sophie Linwëlin (aka Sophie Petelaud)