[Lifestyle] Oikos, the enchanted place of Hellenic cuisine

With its Hellenic cuisine, traditional in its contemporary way, Oikos will bring you on a voyage to Greece without leaving the Peninsula.


I am not a big foodie person. I never talk, and certainly not write, about food. But I suppose that sometimes you have to make an exception to the golden rule.
This exception has been made last night after celebrating a little 6-months anniversary at a Greek restaurant.

Based in Miramar, Theo Papouis’s restaurant welcomes you in its warm and cosy atmosphere where tradition and modernity are married. The green-olive paint suits perfectly with the theme and Haly Design calligraphy on the wall add some mystery to the place. I was pleased to still be able to read Greek!

Now, let’s have a look at the menu. The large vegetarian choice, – even bigger, if you don’t mind a bit of seafood -, impressed me so I didn’t have to eat something by default. In addition, a wide range of gluten-free options is also provided.

To begin with, we wanted to try a bottle of organic Syrah made the Oikos family itself before ordering a fresh home-made tzatziki which reminds me a road trip in Greece ten years ago. For our mains, I delighted myself with a vegetarian kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters, mint, lemon, yoghurt) while my guest chose a traditional moussaka which was apparently delicious! We also shared a Tou Kypou salad (lettuce, kefalograviera, walnuts, petimezi) to accompany our own dish.

What is also fabulous in this evening restaurant, is the low prices announced that will allow you to have different small dishes and not only one big plate that is struggling to finish. Everything proposed on the Oikos menu is shareable, but you don’t necessarily have to.

I really enjoyed the food, the service, the atmosphere. Everything was going quite well however, I was waiting for the crucial moment before having any hasty conclusion. The dessert!
We decided to share the last dish, a set yoghurt, poached fruit, rose water, smashed pasteli, white chocolate. Well, it was utterly astonishing! Light but sophisticated with its incredible taste of rose water, this dessert was the perfect touch to conclude this lovely dinner.


Set yoghurt, poached fruit, rose water, smashed pasteli, white chocolate


At Oikos, which means family/home in Ancient Greek, you are well looked after from the moment you enter the place until you leave it. The great service is fast and the waitress never too far to answer your questions and requests without overwhelming you.
Even the booking system is meant to be quick and easy. You just have to go online and fill out a brief form and they will send you an email to confirm. Simple!

With the decent prices proposed there, we only ended with a $114 note for two which included starters, mains, one dessert and a $45 bottle of wine. Not bad for a Saturday dinner, eh?

For its modern way to introduce traditional Hellenic cuisine into New Zealand habits and its charming staff, Oikos deserves a wee rate of 9.5/10, don’t you think?
We will come back for sure!

Oikos, Hellenic cuisine

382 Broadway, Miramar
Tuesday-Saturday, from 5pm to late


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