[French Touch with…] Aurélie from French Natural Beauty

To launch this new topic “French Touch in Aotearoa” in Les Papillons Derrière La Lune, we had a chat with Aurélie Marquaille, founder of French Natural Beauty.


Ah, ces odeurs d’enfance

With the cold, stormy, Winter, we are all dreaming of a warm bath full of relaxing scents. What better, if these scents are natural and come from Provence?

Aurélie Marquaille, the founder of French Natural Beauty, landed in New Zealand two years ago and fell in love with the country like many adventurers before her. And this was only the beginning of her story in Aotearoa.
Back in France, Aurélie who is graduated in a Business’ degree, felt a bit restrained in Paris where opportunities were lacking and needed to see new horizons. Aurélie packed her bags and flew toward her first destination: US. She stayed and worked for a year in the States but this was not enough. The insatiable traveller wanted to see an unknown and far land part of the world. She chose Oceania!

As visa conditions in Australia didn’t meet Aurélie’s plans, New Zealand gave her a warm welcome.
So Aurélie arrived in New Zealand in May 2015 somehow by chance and started to work for a bank, met her fiancé and enjoys a Kiwi’s life in Auckland where, she said, “people are positive, friendly and exceptionally kind.

But after a time, Aurélie went back to France visiting her family for few weeks when her fiancé’s auntie asked her if she could bring back some French beauty products and that… is how French Natural Beauty was born! A bit by accident, but a happy one.

French Natural Beauty at the Festival

Back in New Zealand, the future founder of French Natural Beauty looked at how to create a business and was very surprised to notice how easy it is. Yes, this is New Zealand, not France! No months of paperwork, hundred of administrative appointments and so on. In New Zealand, you want it, you do it! They give the opportunity to build something for those who are willing to do it and who got a “can do” attitude. French Natural Beauty was officially open in less than 4 months.

This simplicity gives Aurélie time to selects her products carefully. Imported from France, they must be made by French artisan makers and should never have less than 95% of natural ingredients, this is her motto. Also, the simplicity of the products with the French authenticity gives healthy products for everybody. A very good idea for those who are looking to buy a present for a loved one.

The fleur d’oranger (orange blossom) and lavender scents remind me my childhood”. So Aurélie wanted to bring these fragrances to New Zealanders. At French Natural Beauty, you will find some exquisite bath salts and also the traditional Savon de Marseille that can be found in every French household.

French Natural Beauty is currently importing Théophile Berthon’s products and the traditional soap factory was born in the nineteenth century in the South of France. Using French Natural Beauty products, it is like our senses are travelling in time to see the wonderful lavender fields bathed in the warm sun of Provence. What a delicious sensation!

Apparently, nothing is missing to Aurélie, even the “food is excellent in New Zealand!”. She also told us a secret. She LOVED Wellington! After her visit to the city, she wouldn’t say no to live in the Coolest Little Capital if the opportunity arises! Well, you are more than welcome and we would love to see a French Natural Beauty boutique in Cuba street.

French Natural Beauty







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