[Wellington Chronicle] Dan Hayston, a tattoos addict and talented guitarist

We are back with a new Fascinating Wellingtonian for our special Chronicle. Today, we will introduce Dan Hayston, guitarist player, tattoos addict and stars watcher!


Hello! I am Dan, from the band Elim.” Yes! Our new Fascinating Wellingtonian is a musician –  beside many other activities – and more precisely a guitarist since he was about 15. “I’ve played in many bands through my time, from covers to brutal metal and now to ambient post rock. Part of the ‘job’ when you’re in certain bands as a lead guitarist, is to be the archetypical showy flashy player, which never quite sat well with me. Currently, in my band Elim, I get to experiment more with effects pedals and big spacious chords that create ambience rather than in your face flash. This is where I feel most at home these days.”

Dan grew up in Upper Hutt but except a very brief stop in Auckland, he has lived in Wellington almost his whole life where he started some study at Vic’ before leaving for the job market. Busy bee, Dan is currently “working for Red Witch Analog Pedals in a social media and demo role and at Gun City as the Web Business Manager.
His unconventional work in a Gun store opened his eyes ; “You definitely get to understand a lot more about the whole ethos out there around firearms (good or bad) but have met some extremely interesting people along the way, and had some awesome experiences so far. The reality is, some of the most ‘normal’ straight up and down people you know could be part of the firearm owning populous in New Zealand, with about 1 in 12 people being a licensed to own firearms. Im not saving the world, but it’s a fulfilling job nonetheless.

But the real addiction of Dan at the moment, it’s to get tattooed! Arms, legs and even his ribs! “Its certainly a very addictive pursuit and one I dont see stopping any time soon!”
Also fascinated by the Universe, Dan had combined his two passions in one by getting his leg tattooed with this theme.
Relaxing moment for Dan, he loves going on Motukarakara Road (near Porirua) where he can watch the stars and, for him, this “serves as a strong reminder of our impermanence and insignificance in this unfathomably large universe. While this may sound like a negative, its certainly not – I feel it serves as a strong reminder to make the most of absolutely every day you are gifted on this earth and to never take anything for granted.”


His band link: Elim
His favorite spot: Motukarakara Road to look at the night sky
His addiction: getting tattooed


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