[Playlist of June by…] Jeff Boyle from JAKOB

To celebrate their drummer’s 40th birthday, JAKOB played last night at San Fran in Wellington for this special occasion.
As every last Sunday of the month, Les Pap’ receives a playlist from a New Zealand artist. Today Jeff Boyle, Jakob’s guitarist, gives us the honour to listen to his 5 favorite tunes.

Jakob©Bern Stock

The night kicked off with an opening served by the catchy trio of Without Borders (Jason Johnston and Maurice Beckett’s side project) and then with Spook The Horses. The Wellingtonians have delivered an astonishing set which will stay in the memories for a while. With no surprise, Jakob illuminated the end of the night by their dreamy and bewitching tunes before Jason got the chance to blow his candles on stage!

Selected by Jeff Boyle, it is time now to listen to this very inspiring playlist on this rainy Sunday.

  • Efterklang – Swarming

I first saw these guys when we had to go on after them at a festival in Denmark back in 2004. They were amazing and we weren’t that keen to go on after that. They had literally just finished this album (Tripper) the day of the festival and it’s been one of my favourite albums ever since. Two of the members of Amiina (Sigur Ros), are in this band who also played at the same festival and who were equally as amazing.


  • The For Carnation – A Tribute To

This album has been a big influence on me and us as a band and this song especially. It has such a great feel to it. It’s Brian McMahans band, from one of our most influential bands Slint, after they broke up. I think with this album he continued to evolve the sound that Slint started. Also one of my favourite drum beats of all time.

  • Stars Of The Lid – Requiem For Dying Mothers, Part 2

After Jules Desmond first introduced me to this album, I pretty much didn’t listen to anything else for months and it’s still one of my favourites. The other worldly sound these guys get is f#@king amazing and I still can’t figure out how they create some of it. Also have to mention Justin Brodericks (Godflesh/Jesu) side project ‘Final’ with this ; from the Album ‘Three’ a song called “Little Pictures’.

  • Swans – The Sound

This song is the ultimate example of organic, epic severity. Michael Gira and the rest of the Swans just unleash with everything they’ve got when they create music and it’s awe inspiring. Great album!

  • The Seaport & The Airport – And The Days That Follow These Ones

Oscar Wuts has been producing some great music for the last few years under The Seaport & The Airport. This is one off his most recent album and it’s f#%king good! After he first sent me ‘Arch Island’ (which is probably still my favourite song of his) I knew there would be a lot more of the goods to come.


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or if you haven’t read it yet, here the interview with Jakob from March 2016.



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