[Playlist of April by…] Sam and Alex from SKINNY HOBOS

Two reasons you really need to have a look to the April’s playlist! First, to listen to Skinny Hobos choices ; second, to discover the new track, The Merchant Of Tirau, released by the duo from Auckland during the month.

Skinny Hobos

“We’re celebrating the release of our first single, ‘The Merchant Of Tirau’, with a tour around New Zealand’s North Island this April and May so we decided our Playlist of the Month songs would follow the same theme. With one exception, all of our tracks are live versions, as there’s nothing better than seeing a band do their thing in the flesh!”

– Texas Holdom

** Texas’ choices:

  • Future of the Left – Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood

I saw a video of these guys on late night C4 (bring back real music television!) and hooked into their album Curses immediately. That, and this song in particular, was the first step away from the pop punk I was playing at high school and drove the aggressive drumming style I’ve taken on over the last few years. I fell in love with the riff instantly and have been all about the riff since.

  • Left or Right – Joe the Hoe

Left or Right are easily my favorite live band and have been since my first Feastock, the annual festival put on by the band in their hometown. The way they transition between so many different grooves and flawlessly pull off their incredible three-part harmonies takes my breath away every time. Joe the Hoe is one of those numbers that fuses together reggae and dub feels with a rock solid groove to drive it along. Their three albums are fantastic, but nothing beats their live show.

** Alex’s choices:

  • Graveyard – Hisingen Blues

Graveyard has been one of my favourite bands for a long time. It was really hard to pick just one song of theirs to share. This video of Hisingen Blues (from the 2011 album of the same name) captures one of the most captivating performances I’ve ever seen. That drummer though! They have quite a few songs from that concert on YouTube which is definitely worth checking out. The 1970s are my favourite musical era and these guys would have fit in perfectly, but unlike so many other bands that try and relive that era, Graveyard actually do it well, adding a bit of their own voice to it.

  • All Them Witches – When God Comes Back

All Them Witches is one of my newest discoveries. I found them because of the PremierGuitar.com’s YouTube Rig Rundowns where they interview touring bands about their gear. I watch all of them (I’m a huge gear nerd!) and after drooling over their gear I had to check out the tunes. Turns out they have 3 amazing albums. This song is from the 2013 album Lightning at the Door which is probably my favourite.

** Skinny Hobos’ choices:

  • Quinn the Human – Billy The Atmosphere

We saved the best for last. The psychedelic experience that is Quinn the Human has been one of our favorite bands since before we started as a band.  This is their first music video, directed by Will Agnew, and perfectly encapsulates what type of human Quinn really is. We’ve been gigging with them since our early days and we’re excited for them to be bringing their impeccable style and unique brand of alternative rock along on our tour around the North Island.

  • Our track: The Merchant Of Tirau

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