[Interview with…] Matt Hyde from BEASTWARS

Playing tonight in Wellington, Beastwars are releasing their third album, The Death Of All Things. Here, the English version of an interview Beastwars’ frontman, Matt Hyde, back to November, gave to Les Papillons Derrière La Lune.


Les Pap’s: So you’ve ended the year by a Spring tour alongside Jakob. How was it?

Matt: It was great! It was like bringing two different audiences who both got to enjoy it. Two different bands. Maybe they may not going to see but they came and have seen both. It was cool, it was fun!

One of the most influential heavy band shared the bill as headliner with one of the most influential post rock band in New Zealand. How has been it decided?

Matt: Many years ago, we started to talk about it but we were wanting to take that window of opportunity opens and the tour became reality. It’ve been talked for years ago and it worked out at the end. They had their album coming out last year and it was good as well for us to test our new songs on stage. We wanted to make an existing evening for everyone. I think we ended up really well!

You are also preparing a third album for next year. How is work on it going?

Matt: It’s been a strange process because since the last album we got a lot to do, lots of touring and we weren’t concentrated on the songwriting. It seemed really slow to begin with as we create the dealine things just appeared and we had, I think, created our best album. We recorded it in five days between the tour, between South and North Islands and then we went back and did another five.

Where have you recorded it?

Matt: A place called the Blue Barn in Newtown owned by James Goldsmith, he was great. Then it was sent off to America and mastered in New York. It’s been really exciting! I’m surprised to hear we finished. It’s like the pressure comes off your shoulders. I thought we’ll never get there! And sometimes some other bands break up but we did it!

And what about the writing process on this album?

Matt: This album was different. Clayton brought songs along, lot more than last time and he mainly wrote at the beginning, and even James brought songs along. Yeah, thinking back now, it was great but at the moment it wasn’t great at all! I think people could be really surprised. It’s really good!

What sound can we expect? Will it be in the continuity of the two previous albums?

Matt: It’s like taking the first of our albums and adding layers and layers. I think we were more concentrate on the songwriting and I think we’ve just achieved something we’re wanna do. But at the same time, it’s not really up to me to decide, other people will decide. But I’m happy with it, really happy.

Apart doing amazing albums and gigs, you seem to attach also a big interest to the artwork. Are you working once again with Nick Keller for this new LP?

Matt: Yes! I can show you if you want! (Matt tried to find the picture in his phone and showed it to me).
Look! He did a great job! It’s really cool! And he’s a good man.
We’re doing a vinyl as well. It’s a piece of art.

Very cool fact, one of your tune is part of Deathgasm’s soundtrack. How did this happen?

Matt: Just started off with an email, I believe. A request for a song and we never knew anything about the movie. They also asked for some tshirts for the actors so wear. Yeah! it’s been really great for us. We can see people buying around the world through Bandcamp. Oh! and you can see where the things come from and there were some from France last week so I was wondering if it wasn’t thank to your website. So, it’s another good thing!

If you had played, acting, in a movie, which one would it be?

Matt: Oh my god! I’d love to be in Blade Runner!

A character in particular?!

Matt: Oh, I don’t know! I love lots of the characters. I like the guy who’s the robot, when he died! But I just love that film, it’s almost like they try to tell us the future.

Back to your music, can you explain your maxim “Obey the Riff“?

Matt: Well, I didn’t came out with this but Nato the drummer did! He just started saying it and the tissu’s made. I was like “what the f**k?!” but that thing just grew. Just start like a statement but it grew and I hold Nato responsible for that!!! (laugh)

How do you see the heavy rock/metal scene in New Zealand and particularly in Wellington?

Matt: I always thought we were a hard rock band but really dark. I think Wellington city is a pretty good place because you got the sound people enjoy so they’ll come and support us. Wellington has a really good breeding and people are supportive, that’s the beautiful thing. I think it’s good!

To conclude, in few words, what was 2015 for Beastwars?

Matt: Oh! If I have to sum it up! Hum… 2015? Going crazy, I think! Partying. Maybe too much! Arguing! And we made a record! Yeah, we lost our minds but we made an album! And we had to lose our minds to make this record. It ll makes sense now but in the middle of it, it’s horrible! I’m glad we’re here. Everyone in the band is getting on very well, it’s like a family.

The Death of All Things is now available via Bandcamp.




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