[Spotlight on….] Night Flights, first EP by HIBOUX

Post rock band from Wellington, Hiboux releases today its debut EP under the mystic name, Night Flights.


Hiboux, Wellington post rock band, who doesn’t need to be introduced anymore in Les Papillons Derrière La Lune, has just released for this April Fools’ day, its first and official EP. Night Flights is a 4 tracks extented play recorded around 2014 while the band included its five owls – Declan Bailey (drums), Keith Johnson, Lester Litchfield (guitars), Tom Doesburg (synthesisers, saxophone, recorder, grand pianoforte) and Duncan Nairn (bass guitars).

Opening with an enchanted lullaby (Cloudman) accompanied by a soothing piano and a light recorder suggesting some fairy bird, this EP gives us the promise of a delightful flight into a bewitching haze. The next tracks are here to confirm this idea whilst bringing a new exploration of senses in Memories From The Future or some exciting oriental shades in Clear New Eyes. Night Fights is ending by a powerful and evocative title, Voyage, which conclude the epic odyssey with a kaleidoscopic instrumental set including a stunning saxophone and some ghostly whispers which totally reinvent post rock genre itself. These few words can’t describe properly what we really feel while listening to Night Flights.
Hiboux will once again invite you to a mystical journey above dreamy soundscapes and bring you peace and curiosity always with this utterly sensation of mysteries and feeling of deep hope. Night Flights gives a fresh and new atmosphere to instrumental rock genre which need it and can proudly stand next to bands such as Mono or Explosions In The Sky.
Night Flights belongs to those fantastic records where you will always find a new little hidden sound you didn’t hear during the previous listening. This is absolutely great! This is magical!

Hiboux are currently recording their full debut album which will be quite different from the sound of this EP because of a slightly different line up with the addition of a new guitarist, Bern Stock who is playing on stage with the band for a year, but as well with an evolution within the ideas and the maturity. Fans will be definitely excited by it!
They will play at Bodega (Wellington) on the 23rd of April alongside Reading where the audience will very likely have the opportunity to hear a new song. So do not miss it!


With an artwork produced by the talented artist Fiona Johnston, but we’ll talk more about her sometimes soon, Night Flights is a complete successful piece of art and it is now available on streaming on the Bandcamp page of Hiboux and you are more than welcome to help them.


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