[Playlist of March by…] Demelza and Brad Gallen from MINA’S VEIL

Demelza and Brad Gallen from the goth duo Mina’s Veil share their choices in our new monthly playlist.

10906531_781350285273129_5528497548886250365_n©Mina’s Veil

Couple on stage and in life, Demelza and Brad Gallen are Mina’s Veil, goth duo recently formed in Wellington. Elegance and refinement coat Mina’s Veil’s romantic atmosphere while Demelza’s voice gave to the audience a powerful and ethereal reverie within a rare beautiful enchantment.

Listen to their choices, their utterly divine!

** Demelza’s choices:

  • Giovanni Battista Pergolesi – Quando Corpus Morietur

I first sang Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater over 20 years ago and this one song in particular has stuck with me through all this time – it’s piercingly heartbreaking and beautiful.  I love how the 2 vocal parts dance around each other with harmonies and disharmonies.  You can feel the desperate sadness of the singers without even understanding the lyrics – that is powerful writing.

  •  Howard Shore (LOTR soundtrack) – The Caverns of Isengard

This piece is amazing, such and intense and delicious mix of light and dark.  I think this was one of the first pieces that showed me that classical voice can be used in more situations than just concert halls and churches.

  • Nightwish – Phantom of the Opera

Nightwish were my introduction to symphonic metal – it’s another example of how classical singing can be so much more versatile than I ever thought when I was growing up.  I love this cover of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic so much – it’s loud and it’s epic and the original piece translates so well into heavier modern metal.

** Brad’s choices:

  • Danny Elfman – Batman Theme

It’s hard to go past Danny Elfman when you’re talking about the music that influences Mina’s Veil. It’s also really hard to choose a single piece of his music, but in the end his Batman Theme wins out for me. I distinctly remember being a five year old at the cinema – already a fan of Batman but knowing him only as portrayed by Adam West – and hearing the creeping crescendo of the strings and brass with characteristic glockenspiel notes, building into the fanfare that would remain synonomous with Batman until Hans Zimmer finally did is bit in 2005 (despite fantastic work from Elliot Goldenthal in between). Elfman manages to balance dark and light, serious and quirky, and exhibits a distinctive style that makes his music memorable and unmistakable.

  • Elend – Ophis Puthôn

Elend are a French/Austrian band with a German name that means ‘Misery’, and the reason I personally wanted to get Mina’s Veil happening with Demelza. The music is cinomatic, gothic and avant garde; and the album this track opens (‘A World In Their Screams’) has been described as a perfect black metal album, even though there are neither guitars nor screaming vocals to be heard. This track is a brilliant opener to the album, the recitative delivered by soprano Esteri Rémond giving way to twisting, hissing, snake-like strings and the rest of the orchestra and choir, it all feeling aleatoric but somehow heading to a very definite location that reveals itself on the next track, A World In Their Screams.

  • Our track: Orphanarium


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Mina’s Veil, a band for fans of metal symphonic, Penny Dreadful, romanticism (19e century definition!) and simply, Beauty.  Best moment to listen to Mina’s Veil: in a bath surrounded by candles and do not forget the wine (from New Zealand, obviouly!).


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