[Playlist of February by…] Bern Stock and Lester Litchfield from HIBOUX

The February playlist is kind of special as a double list has been choosen by Bern Stock and Lester Litchfield, the two guitarists from the Wellington post rock band, Hiboux.


** Bern’s playlist **

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Little Wing
This is the best cover of Little Wing I’ve ever heard. I love it for Stevie’s channeling abilities; he’s not just playing, he’s floating in inspiration. He doesn’t need to think to express every detail of thought with his playing. His tone is so impressive even with such a simple setup. Honestly this is like a perfect fibonacci spiral in sonic waves. It never gets old because it’s timelessy beautiful.
  • Charge Group – Run
I used to watch this band live all the time in Sydney when i was growing up. I loved their old incarnation “Purplene” with 2 gtrs/bass/drums, but the present lineup gtr/bass/drums/violin really works well for them. I love that they, like Tool do not use their faces to sell their music. Always mesmerising live. Thanks for so many good shows, guys!
  • The Cure – Disintegration
Disintegration is one of those songs that never, ever gets old to my ears. I love the sound of the guitars & keyboards on the whole Disintegration album. So many layers & great song-writing, along with perfectly fitting artwork. The Cure were always 100 times better live than any recording of them. I remain influenced and inspired by them to this day.
  • The Mark of Cain – Familiar Territory
This song reminds me of a certain period in Australian music. They’re like the bastard love-child of Henry Rollins & Helmet. When you simplify things down to power chords like Kurt Kobain did, you have to come up with interesting riffs to offset the simplicity, & these guys always came through with that. I love driving riffs like this.
  • Daturah – Hybrisma
This track is such a journey, with interesting twists & turns & places to go the whole way. Only a sunrise or an epic landscape can really do this song justice. It epitomises a dynamic and emotive and sound I would love to emulate in my own music. Movie soundtrack stuff! Get lost in it 🙂
** Lester’s playlist **
  • Jean Michel Jarre – Souvenire de China
This song represents many things I love about music. It’s heavy without being metal, it weighs on you like a big think blanket, it’s completely genuine to the point of being naive. I’m well known for being vulnerable to new age.
  • Toe – Metronome
This song is so clean and perfect it’s hard to believe. It has a lovely minimalism but the drumming is bestial. When I first heard it I couldn’t believe it. I just sat there in a trance.
  • Mogwai – Remurdered
From 3 minutes this song goes from good to great, with this strangely riff that won’t leave me alone, it’s alien, primordial and a little bit Scottish. The whole album is great, and I think their best work to date, which is pretty good for a band as old as they are now. It’s like their ‘Kid A’.
  • Dukes of Leisure – Science
From now defunct wellington Band Dukes of leisure. It’s melancholic and sweet, and feels familiar even the first time you hear it. I miss these guys.
  • Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle 
This thing just keeps going and going like a sort of tragic unrequited love. The drummer is this amazing guy from Nigeria and they just find it and hold it and that’s it.
  • Our song – Precession

Bern : The Hiboux song I want to use to accompany this playlist is called “Standing Waves” – but as it is not yet recorded, I will refer you to “Precession”.

Lester : I like this song because it’s very organic. Thought all the notes are mostly the same each time now, we never really wrote it – we just kept playing it until it settled. It also has a sort of yearning that I like in music.

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