[Playlist of January by…] Nicole Andrews

New year, new playlist! The Wellingtonian Nicole Andrews, songwriter and pianist from Portland, has selected five songs which matter to her and she explains to us why. Enjoy!

Nicole Andrews

  • Chelsea Wolfe ­ – After the Fall

I literally found her music when researching tags on bandcamp for my own album. I saw the artwork for ‘Apokalypsis’ and thought “that looks cool” and listened to it. Next thing you know I own all of her albums and she’s one of my favourite musicians. Goes to show what good album art will do for you. This song is from her new album, Abyss, which doesn’t seem to be as dark or spacious as Apokalypsis and is more heavily produced, but it is absolutely magical. Like, dark evil magic… I think I might prefer her gritty sadness of Apokalypsis, but I just can’t stop listening to this one at the moment.

  • Goldfrapp – ­ Ulla

Around 2001 I went to a Goldfrapp concert without knowing who she was, and I remember just being floored. Right now I’m going through an obsessive resurgence for her music. I was listening to Felt Mountain all the time for a while there, and then when I heard this new album, I just couldn’t stop and it was like Felt Mountain was dead to me. This one has a much stronger singer­songwriter vibe than her other stuff, but still has the same Goldfrapp. Some of the songs are so beautiful that I feel like I can’t listen to them in public without looking like a freak and crying into my iPod. I honestly could not decide which song to put on the playlist so I just randomly picked one that I thought would balance with the other songs in my list. Just do yourself a favour and listen to all the songs.

  • Cranes ­ – Everywhere

This is my happy song at the moment. When I’ve had a bad day I just put this album on and go for a walk, and this song makes me feel like I’m owning my shit for some reason. It’s that guitar line. It gets under my skin… I only started listening to them recently after a friend recommended them because he said some of my stuff is kinda reminiscent of them, which I’m taking as a huge compliment because I really love them. Although, I’m guessing that’s the songwriting and not the vocals, because the singer has a really odd voice, and it feels like something that most people would get sick of pretty fast. I actually really love her creepy weird ­little­ child’s­ breathy voice. The weirder it gets the more I like it.

  • Puscifer ­ – Tumbleweed

I tried not to be too predictable and pick a song from Tool or Nine Inch Nails because they are my favourite and I feel like that’s such an easy choice. So instead I went with Puscifer, trying to creep out of the 90’s a tad bit… This song is a bit different than the rest of the tracks on the album, and I love the looping banjo in here and how it feels against those drums at the end. I’ve wanted to cover this song on piano because I love it so much, but I have yet to commit to that.

  • PJ Harvey – ­ Rid of Me

I could have put her entire collection of work in here, but let’s not be greedy… She makes this look easy and like she doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks, but I’ve actually heard that she’s very shy, which I find inspiring since I’m a shy musician too. So when I see her doing her thing, up in front of thousands of people screaming “lick my legs,” it really gives me a boost and like if she can do it then I can. It’s just about learning not to limit your musicality just because it’s hard. So, I picked this song because I love the way she’s up there with just her and that guitar and it’s rough as hell, and the command she has gives me chills.


  • My song – ­ Good Girl

This is one of my favourite songs from my album but is also the longest song on the album. I honestly think it needs to be as long as it is because of the way it builds to the end. I’ve tried editing it down to a radio mix, but I feel so precious about that e­bow guitar, which is played by David Long (The Mutton Birds). It has so many beautiful little nuances throughout that I couldn’t bare to lose any of the moments.


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