[Translation] Hiboux

Let’s explore the musical odysseys of Hiboux, instrumental band based in Wellington.


Post/experimental rock band formed in 2013 in Wellington, Hiboux – French word for “owls’ and to pronounce ‘eeboo’ – find themselves in the line of other instrumental bands like Jakob, Triumphs or Into Orbit. But Hiboux bring to New Zealand another atmospheric dimension in a country that seems to be an auspicious land to this kind of sound Odyssey.
Quartet most of the time, the Hiboux are humanized by Lester Litchfield and the Australian Bern Stock on guitars, Duncan Nairn on bass and Declan Bailey on drums. Traveler owl, a fifth member, Tom Doesburg, returns from time to time to ensure keyboards, clarinet and saxophone.
Two recordings, Demo I with titles Memories From The Future, Spring – and Demo II with Precession and Mäusethal, act as singles pending the official release of their first EP, Night Flights, early next year.
Spotted by Ted Gardner in person, pope of the music industry, the band was offered the opportunity to open for The Brian Jonestown Massacre last week in Wellington. Hiboux got the opportunity to play in front of more than five hundred people and thereby attract the eye and the pen of the critics who made their praise.

Last gig of the year 2015 for the quartet, Hiboux opened this weekend to Triumphs alongside Reaving at the Valhalla. On stage, the band is dehumanized by a mysterious and bewitching aspect as much by the ethereal sound that fills the atmosphere or by the musicians silhouettes hidden behind a smokescreen and phantasmagorical lights. It’s beautiful. Be guided by the wisdom of the owls. In the dark of night, beyond the illusion and hope, dreams or nightmares, explore the unknown that awaits you. Follow the intuition that will invite you to the curiosity of dark mysteries where, beyond the lyrical flights, you will be carried in a lush soundscape that opens all possibilities of imagination. The entire set is an epic journey for a dreaming mind where one imagines easily fly over the extraordinary landscapes of New Zealand.

Personification of Athena, Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Hiboux embody a sound between strength, foresight and hidden sensuousness. Undoubtedly 2016 will be the year of the owls who will return with lots of surprises, at least with a new tour and an EP.

Precession at the Valhalla, 21st November 2015.


  • Hiboux : 16th October at the Bodega in Wellington :




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