[Playlist of November by…] Tim Glasgow from Tigers of the Sea

Every month, a musician from a New Zealand band will pull out a selection of tracks with a comment which will explain why he/she likes these tunes. The artist will conclude by introducing one of his/her own song.

Tigers Of The Sea

To open this new section, Tim Glasgow from the surf garage rock band Tigers of The Sea introduces a very catchy playlist for November!

  • The Cramps – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
    The Cramps are such a great and underrated band. So many bands try and sounds like them, but no one can quite pull it off. They has the perfect mix of everything – an almost tribal rhythm section, Poison Ivy’s fantastic guitar tone and playing, and Lux’s sexy, creepy singing over the top. I could have picked any of their songs, but this one has such a catchy hook and great lyrics – who doesn’t love the idea of bikini girls with machine guns?

  • Raw Panic – Wookie Stomp
    Raw Panic are a Wellington band who absolutely rule! Their vibe and sounds is so cool, and this is such a wild dance number. The amazing stop-motion video for this song was made by their drummer John Dimery, who is a super-talented local artist and all-round cool guy.

  • Wipers – No One Wants an Alien
    While Wipers’ sound is kind of unconventional and unusual they have such a good knack of drawing you in. They are such a cool band, and everyone should listen to them. During the recording of our upcoming EP we recorded a cover of this song for a Wipers covers album, which is actually being compiled by John Dimery. It was such a rad song to record, and we can’t wait for it to be released!

  • E/N/T – Margarine
    E/N/T is our really good friend Nathan Taare’s band. He’s an absolute master, and this song is a great example of how he weaves industrial/ heavy vibes with psychedelic sounds. I love how Nathan arranges his songs like art work. It’s cool hos this song builds from an ambient vibe into a heavy piece. Nathan is an amazing drummer, and I particularly love listening to him drumming on this song.

  • Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
    Dead Kennedys are probably my favourite band, so I had to include them. While this is a really obvious choice, and lots has been written about how great this song is, I picked it for two reasons. Firstly, because I remember when I first heard it when I was 14. A bogan I was friends with lent me a dubbed cassette on their Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death album, and it was like nothing I’d ever heard before. This song freaked me out, and challenged me. Listening to DK was actually the catalyst for me really getting into punk rock and thinking about the world differently, politically and socially. They also had a sound that combined surf, rockabilly and punk rock – kind of like us. And I also picked it because we used to cover this song live, and it was such a great song to play. The rest of the band absolutely ruled it, and I loved it.

  • Our song: She Kills
    This song is built around two riffs that Nick (our guitarist) had up his sleeve for a while. He has a real knack of writing great hooky riffs, and with this song he managed to combine two of them to create this beast. It’s slower than most of our songs, but it has such a massive groove, thanks to Lucie’s massive bass playing. I love it how Ollie Moon gets totally wild with the drumming at the end of the song too. The lyrical content is pretty self-explanatory, it’s not based on anything in particular, but a few movies and true life crime stories I’d been watching and reading at the time. The sound of the song lent itself to some dark subject matter.


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Pin it in your diary, the quatuor from Wellington will release their new EP in January!!! More coming soon in Les Papillons Derrière La Lune.



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