[Translation] Villainy – Dead Sight

Three years after a successful debut album, Villainy reveal a second opus, Dead Sight. A perfect gift for anyone in love with pure, powerful and sincere rock.


[Warning : Translation from French (read here). All my apologies for any mistakes or awkwardness, English is not my first language.]


Based in Auckland, Villainy is no longer to introduce here, in New Zealand. Formed in 2010, the band, now well-known and acclaimed throughout the country, consists of James Dylan (bass), Neill Fraser (vocals and guitar), Dave Johnston (drums) and Thom Watts (guitar).
Their first album, Mode. Set. Clear., was released in 2012 and it was placed on the top of the New Zealand charts from its first day in stores. Recorded between Melbourne (Aus.) and Auckland, Mode. Set. Clear. gave to Villainy the opportunity to win the Best Rock Album at the NZ Music Awards and attracted more people around their fan base. Then had followed a tour and some first act roles with The Offspring, Incubus, Rival State, Billy Talent, Sether or Shihad.


To pleased their fans, Villainy had initially unveiled a furious tune, Syria, which had followed by the first official single, Safe Passage.
Released on 18th September on Warner Music, Dead Sight, like their debut album, have been produced by Tom Larkin and have been recorded around the world (Melbourne, LA, Auckland).

The quartet starts straigh away with the title Give Up The Ghost, one of my favorite tracks, and the single Safe Passage. OK ! So we got in our hands a passionate and exciting album!
True monsters! Villainy let utterly exploded their energy (Syria, No Future, Ginzu Knifing) while delivering a sumptuous melodious sound and in a seductive way on several songs (The National Guard, The Great Unknown). Beside instrumentation, guitars are juggling heavy riffs (Give Up The Ghost) and electrical distortion (Tantalus) supported by a hypnotic bass while the drums are totally amazing from beginning to end. Beside singing, the frontman’s voice dominates while fitting with the instruments and adding a good balance to the already harmonized structure. Neill Fraser is able to provide great control of his vocal organ ranging from a subtle sweetness, a fully controlled power, or giving free rein to a demonic ferocity.

Built for live, Dead Sight is a rock album with a very high-level and an unquestionable quality. The Aucklanders’ second album confirms the place of these guys in the New Zealand musical landscape and beyond. In line with I Am Giant or Rival State, Villainy bring to Kiwi rock an international presence by pushing further the boundaries of alternative rock. Perfection!



Tracklisting de Dead Sight :

  1. Give Up The Ghost
  2. Sage Passage
  3. Syria
  4. Love And War
  5. Dead Sight
  6. Nothing Ever Changes
  7. Tantalus
  8. The National Guard
  9. No Future
  10. Ginzu Knifing
  11. The Great Unknown

Favorite tracks : Give Up The Ghost, Safe Passage, Love & War, Ginzu Knifing The Great Unknown



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