[Translation] Glass Vaults – Sojourn

With a delicate and ethereal dreamy pop, Glass Vaults’ sound will captivate you from the first notes. Their debut album Sojourn is approaching the perfection.

Glass Vaults

[Warning : Translation from French (read here). All my apologies for any mistakes or awkwardness, English is not my first language.]

Based in Wellington, Glass Vaults is a duo formed by Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce. Other musicians add to the combo as Bevan Smith, Ben Bro and Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa.
After a series of several singles and three EPs, Glass (2010), Into the Clear (2011) and Bright (2013), Glass Vaults, which now have many fans, unveil their debut album. Released in New Zealand on 4th September via Flying Out, Sojourn is in streaming on platforms such as Spotify or Deezer. For vinyl’s lovers, it’s HERE.

San Fran - 19th September

Eleven pieces, eleven gems. The album begins with a short instrumental intro – a second one appears in the middle (Everyone’s an Artisan Now) – before continuing with a haunting psychedelic pop very arty.
Composed of tracks both very sensual and mystical (Life Is The Show, Come And Be Beautiful) or completely hypnotics (Sojourn, Ancient Gates), Sojourn get everything to bewitch the listener. While others, more electro-folkadelic sounds (West Coast) or ethnic (Sacred Heart), will be there to make you dance! Drums pulsate (Sacred Heart, Ancient Gates), mid-angelic mid-ghostly voices mesmerize, in a good way obviously. And that is not counting on a title like Slow Down which is deliberately there to make us soar!
With elegance and subtlety, Glass Vaults music could be described as post-pop in which the listener is lulled by the haunting voice accompanying the dreamy ambient pop. We love it!


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